placement, direct-hire, (RPO) recruitment process outsourcing services

Did you know delays in hiring for your current jobs, posting on open job boards are costing you money?  These open positions can adversely impact your bottom-line and in some cases hurt company profits. 


Working directly with a staffing and recruitment company in your specific niche is key to hiring top talent.  Leap Hire specializes in your workforce needs.  We can dramatically improve your time-to-hire and increase sales and profits with providing you the right talent.








Extenstive Research and Qualification.

Our Experienced recruiters work closely with you to understand your needs and opportunities.  We ask question to help us identify the best suitable candidates for your positions.  We perform extensive research using our large database of personnel, plus full external resources to recruit complement our recruiting efforts.  Our vetting process is a mix of behavior and fact finding interview techniques to uncover the best suitable candidates for your open positions. 


What We Review.

We review education, training, experience, industry certifications, real world experiences and references in some cases.  This way of vetting is to ensure you (the hiring manager), we are not just sending you random resumes.


Our Standard.

We offer a 90-day guarantee.  This satisfaction guarantee and success rate will help to make certain you are hiring the best talent and minimize time delays on hiring.

The Leap Hire Process.

To meet the needs of our diverse clients, we have industry experts who specialize in vetting, locating and qualifying full-time professionals you need on your team.

Now, go ahead and download one of our brochures.  We look forward to working with you soon.